– S E S S I O N S –

For the Feminine. For the Masculine. For the Relation in between. In Body, Mind & Spirit.

- The Partner Imprint -

A Boot Camp in Relating

Do you struggle in your relationships and understands that there are behaviuors and patterns you want to reveal and rewire?

That is exactly what I offer here - a sparring partner or a PT to rewire old patterns that might have served you once upon time.. But not any more.

How do you communicate your needs?
What do you desire of life?

Are you longing for an in-depth relationship worth have a look upon?  

– Tantra Therapy™ –

The Tantra Therapy™ is a holistic approach to meet you in a session that could bring more clarity into your life. What do you really long for and what is just an idea? 

How much pleasure do you allow in your life and in what parts of life would it be beneficial to add some more pleasure? What if life are supposed to be a joyride and that the keys to that ride lays within you?

My invitation is to explore that through a tailor made sets of sessions that supports you to find out more about yourself. 

– Tantric Coaching –

An invitation to exploration of possibilities.

Do you truly live the life of your dreams or does something feel like it is stuck, I invite you to explore more of what hinders you and how you can find ways through and beyond that, what would then be possible?

Can you express all your desires in life and talk about everything in your life? 
I strongly believe that there's ways to have the life of your dreams.  Are you willing to embrace your raw power and become a sustainable, trustworthy, accountable human being? 

What is possible to add to your life in ease, not letting the resistance lead you? Lets find out that together, remove obstacles and embrace abundance in all means.

– The Tantric Initiation –

An initiation into the deeper mysteries of life. This is a package that are tailored to get a glimpse of what tantra can be and how it can effect you on a very deep level. 

An initiation into a life filled with more of everything that you are longing for and possbible new aspects of possibilities. 

The Tantic Initation are a 48 hours journey and a fast track into a world of possibilities.  

– Relationship Tantra –

More information will come!